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The Best Betting Sites

If you are into betting, then this article is exactly what you need to have a better understanding as to what betting sites you can and can't trust. INNTV strives to provide you with the most accurate information on the top betting companies out there. The betting companies you will see below are some of the most reliable betting websites In Iceland and have strict gambaling policies on their sites.

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    Bet365 - The Legend Of The Betting Industry

    If you watch any English football matches you have without a doubt seen Bet365 ads on either the sidelines of the football pitch or even on the players game shirts and shorts. Bet365 is currently a global leader when it comes to online sports betting world wide with betting fans in dozens of countries across the globe. This sports betting company offers a wide array of bets on different events and you can easily place bets before and during the events. Bet365 also does live broadcasts on multiple global events such as the British Premier League, Champions League, Euroleague, MLB and NBA. If by any chance you also want to play on some slots or poker, Bet365 also offers a casino section where you can easily do so.

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    1xbet - The Betting Company That Offers A €130 Welcome Bonus

    1xbet is a rising star in the betting industry coming straight out of Russia and has been quickly gaining popularity in multiple countries since it was established back in 2011. The company grows bigger and bigger each year and provides great bonuses for new comers, so feel free to register and get a hefty bonus for doing so.

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    22bet - A Fairly New Sports Betting Company

    One of the latest Russian sports betting companies to enter this market is 22bet. The company was established in 2018 and in just three years it has managed to prove that it can stay competitive with the bigger sports betting companies. 22bet is owned and operated by Marikit Holdings and holds a Curacao egaming license, as well as a license from the British Gambling commission. These two licenses alone show that 22bet is committed to providing its clients a legitimate gambling environment.

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    888 Sport - Up to £30 Welcome Bonus

    888 Sport has been on the market for over a decade and during this time it has gained a huge following across Europe. The company is regulated by the British gaming committee and is one of the most trusted gambling companies out there.

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    Bwin - Up to £20 Free Bet Bonus

    Bwin initially was under Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG Group and was based in Austria, Gibraltar and Sweden. In 2016 the company was then purchased by GVC Holdings PLC. Since then the company has a UK Gambling license and a license from the gaming commission of Gibraltar. The fact that the company has these two licenses shows that the company is no scam in any shape or form.

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    William Hill - The Oldest Broker

    William Hill is one of the major players in the gambling business in the United Kingdom. Any old time who made a bet at least once heard and knows about William Hill. Before the internet era, they had a huge amount of physical locations, but when everything started to go digital, so did they. They launched their website in 1998 and then even went public on the London Stock Exchange. William Hill has clients in 175 countries and caters to 25 different languages. You can place bets before events and on live games with William Hill.

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    Bet-At-Home is a fairly new betting company that is based in Malta and Austria. They are constantly adding new features and offers to get more users to place bets with them. The fact that they are regulated in two countries and are constantly innovating shows that they are striving to be the best broker in Europe.

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    Marathonbet - Odds and offers

    Marathon Bet has been gaining serious momentum across Europe within the last couple of years. They also consistently have welcome bonuses for new users which makes it a hotspot to register. Besides being a sports betting company via which you can basically bet on any sporting event, they also offer an esports betting section as well as an online casino section for those of you who are interested in such.
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    Unibet - The Nordic Betting Legend

    Unibet was established in 1997 and since then has been extremely popular in Scandanavian countries as well as England, where the company was initially registered. The company occasionally has welcome bonuses for new users and keep in mind that their website is in English and Swedish.

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    Betsson - A Swedish Betting Company

    Betsson has been around for roughly 40 years and has been dealing with betting since the very day the company was registered. You know a betting company that has been around for that long means business. Besides being in the betting business, the company also offers online events such as poker, casino, bingo and even scratchcards!

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    £30 in Free Bets from BetFred

    Betfred is the World's largest independent bookmaker with over 1600 shops in the UK and is the largest business in the North West. is the online brand operating from Gibraltar which provides a full portfolio of online, mobile betting and gaming.

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What You Need To Know About Bookmakers

Betting sites, or as professional betters call them, “bookies”, have been around for roughly a century. Of course, people have been placing bets on a bunch of other things since the beginning of time, but professional betting companies only actually became a thing roughly a century ago. With professional betting companies you can basically place bets on any sport events anywhere on the globe within just a matter of seconds. Of course, the sport discipline has to be first authorized with a gambling commission, but all of the popular sport events are authorized, it's the less known sporting events that might not be.

How to determine the best online betting site?

Sports betting companies have been made to appeal to sports fanatics, people who can't live a single week without watching a game of football or basketball. It is commonly thought that sports betting companies only let you place bets on huge sporting events, when ultimately, that's not the case. You can place bets on basically any sporting event, either pro or amateur.

People often think that placing bets is simply you placing a bet before an event and waiting for the outcome you bet on to happen, but that is most certainly not the case. A huge amount of betters place bets on live events, sometimes even just minutes before an event may end. Usually, the odds on such live events are very high, and a simple bet of $20 can bring in a total of $90 to $200 in just 5-10 minutes. It is often thought that the best online betting sites are those that offer the best coefficients on a certain outcome- and ultimately, that is the case. If a sports betting company says that they will pay that much for a certain outcome and payout the win, they will most certainly be the first choice for that better down the road amongst any other bookies out there.

How To Find The Best Online Betting Sites?

Nowadays there is an overwhelming amount of betting websites, and the choice of who to bet with can be pretty hard. So how does one make the right choice?

Before you decide to register with this or that bookie, first take a look at its regulations.When a bookie is regulated in 2 or more countries, you can be sure that it is a legitimate company you can trust. The list of betting companies above is a great example of bookies that have been around for at least a few years, are heavily regulated and some that even have great bonus offers for new users.

Another thing you should pay attention to when choosing a sports betting website to place your bet with is the odds that a bookie offers. Some bookies offer extremely low odds while other bookies may be offering odds that are 30%-60% higher. The higher the odds, the bigger your win, and that's exactly why you should compare odds with different bookies.

When choosing a bookie, you should also consider which layout and design is more appealing to you, as well as what sort of welcome bonuses does the company offer. Most of the successful betters place bets on a number of different bookies to the best deals and odds at different points in time. Many book makers also frequently have weekly or daily promos such as 50% or 100% to any deposit you make. Basically, you deposit $100 but your betting account will be $200. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Why You Should Register With Multiple Bookmakers

As we already mentioned above, registering with multiple bookmakers is much more profitable then it might seem at first. Not only will you enjoy different first registration bonuses, you will also be in on any bonuses that are provided down the road. Bookies always notify their users about any upcoming or already existing promos. Besides the bonuses, with time you will have a better understanding of which bookie offers the best odds on certain outcomes which will directly affect the profitability of each bet you make.

Why You Should Register With Multiple Bookmakers

The Final Verdict - You should simply register with all the bookies listed above one because of 2 main reasons. The first one being that they are well established and heavily regulated bookies you can trust. Secondly, you can enjoy bonuses from every single one of them by simply registering with all of them!

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